Download Binary Windows

Download and execute this file to install the freeware ordrumbox desktop application on windows. There is no installation, just click on the file to launch. You can uninstall just by deleting the file.

download ordrumbox setup for windows ordrumbox-v0.9.33.exe

Download Binary Others (Mac OSX)

On Mac OS X 10.3 and superior from apple:
First try to double click on the downloaded ordrumbox jar file
. You should upgrade to the latest java version for OSX

Just try to double click on the jar file. Another way is to open a terminal window. You can find this under Go -> Applications -> Utilities You should now have a terminal window on the screen. It will have a command prompt that looks something like: [username:] ~> Check your java version: type "java -version" in the terminal. The "java version" must be 1.7 (7.0) or superior. Then type "java -jar ordrumbox-V0.9.33.jar" in the terminal. You have to do that in the directory you have downloaded the jar file.

orDrumbox is listed on softpedia

download ordrumbox jar file ordrumbox-V0.9.33.jar

Dowload Binary Linux

You have to type "java -jar ordrumbox-0.9.33.jar" in the terminal. You have to do that in the directory you have downloaded the jar file.

download ordrumbox jar file ordrumbox-V0.9.33.jar

You can also try the version for openjdk8

download ordrumbox jar file ordrumbox-V0.9.33.openjdk8.jar

Sources Files

It's a GPL2 licence, so sources files are available. You have to be a java developer to use it. A Ant make file (build.xml) is included in the root directory.

download ordrumbox sources file


French localisation is in main package

Tanks to xucker Japanese version of the orDrumbox is available with user manual.

Necessary preconditions

You need a 1.6 JVM (Java Virtual Machine)from Oracle. See java and download a JRE.

If java is not yet installed on your computer, Install java or automatic installation of java from Sun Mircosystems. Be sure your Java works on your system and uninstall any previous Java version

For Mac users the orDrumbox-06.02 was tested on Mac OS X 10.3, other versions should work just upgrade java if needed.

For Windows users, the orDrumbox was tested with jre 1.6 on Windows XP and WIN 10.


Test java version on your computer


The orDrumbox desktop drum machine and the orDrumbox applet are distributed as freeware.

Source code is open source. The license for the packages is GPL2. See details:

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